Welcome to my site, here on the dark expansive internet.

I'm someone deeply interested in understanding, discussing, and thinking about the philosophical, and metaphysical aspects of modern life, and especially in regards to modern technology.

I'm planning on using this site, as a way to both practice programming, and also, as a platform to vent out my ideas, and frustrations with what I consider to be a fatalistically destined society.

From a young age I was never really particularly interested in this reality. I've always wanted something more. Do I have any clue what that is or means? Nope. All I know is that I've been searching for it for as long as I can remember. Will I ever find it? I'm not sure. But it's a damn good motivator.

I'm always on the hunt of new knowledge and new perspectives, even looking at myself a year ago is unrecognizable. Truthfully I believe it's just a never ending pursuit of novel stimulation, but I don't really thinks that's a bad thing.

This site will be slowly filled with content. Starting with some essays I've written, and then more.

As a start though, here's a playlist I've been listening to while writing this: