Soykaf I'll never finish :(


Listed down below is a bunch of projects that I'm currently working on. You're actually on of them, it's called this site. Each one of these sends me further spiralling down an endless chasm of unquenchable madness.

/ STARTED:/04/05/2020/ Current status: ACTIVE

>tfw no users

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This is the project that began my web design journey. I had some spare cash, and on a whim, I decided to register the domain name, Having the name, I then had to figure out, with no knowledge of Linux, or web design in general, how to install imageboard software. I initiallly used vichan, but it ended up being utter garbage, and full of soykaf not working. From a suggestion, I ended up deciding to install the Lynxchan imageboard engine, this was a really good decision in my opinion, and thanks to im633's guide, I was able to get it working smoothly.


I created the site after a subreddit I ran called r/basedgenz, which was orignally created as a free speech community for zoomers, was banned by reddit. This planted a seed in my of a platform with two fundamental ideals, uncompromised free expression, and open, neutral moderation. I also hoped, that it could grow into a platform of not only free discussion, but quality discussion. I'm still trying to find a niche for the site, but that may evolve naturally.


My current goal with the project is to grow the userbase enough to be sustainable, and of course keep the site from dying. Some side goals I will pursue at some point is adding new themes, such as one that looks like this site. Also, add some form of custom flag uploading. I'm partly working on this site, and my programming skills, because I want to make this site better.

If you want to help with this project, the best thing you can do is make a post on Zoomerchan. If you really want to contribute, you can also donate Bitcoin, to help pay for server costs, which would be very highly appreciated.

Bitcoin Donation address: 365ud9uqqtomSVAKeJg29LBeeQmHpHQ9rv